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Jenn's journey started with a 15 year-old paint palette she found in her parents' basement.  Not knowing much about watercolors, she picked up a paintbrush, started painting, and never looked back.  Jenn's work is inspired by the quiet (but mostly crazy) moments of motherhood, the ever changing seasons of the Northeast and her life as a creative entrepreneur.

Jenn has had the privilege to work with clients such as Google, Starbucks, Lego and Coca-Cola.  Her watercolor videos have over 18 Million views online through platforms like Buzzfeed, Insider, House Beautiful and 9GAG.

In 2018 she launched her own line of paint brushes under the brand Gureem Studio.  Gureem means hand-made painting or drawing in Korean which is a nod to Jennifer’s culture and heritage. When she's not painting, Jennifer enjoys rock climbing and spending time with her husband and twins.

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